Sr Dr Mercy SABS


Education is the means that transform an illiterate man into a responsible and sensible individual. It helps him to realize the difference between the right and the wrong the good and the bad. It helps him to grow physically, socially and economically. In short all round development in his personality. When more and more people get literate. It brings about a transformation in the society benefitting not only the individual but the society at large. At a time when the world is turning into a global village, education will play the vital role.

Education extended much beyond the academic. With advanced in technology information is available in galore at the click of a button. Today the challenge is having too much information and two many choices and not the lack of it as it used to be earlier. This has led to unwanted stress, pressure, trauma, at times leading to fatal results. This situation demands the educators and teachers to take up the added responsibility healers and councilors.

Let me quote here the great Dr APJ Abdhul Kalam ‘If a country is to be corruption free and become the nation of beautiful minds. I Strongly feel the have are three social members who can make a difference. They are the father the mother and the teacher’.

So teacher you are the privileged and the chosen ones. You are in a profession which in the mother of all professions. For you create spiritual leader, bureaucrats, business men, doctors, engineers and all other professionals. You are the instrument that can bring the much needed change in the society.

Let in always trend on this noble path the vocation which we have chosen for our selves and guide the children entrusted to us the future of our nation.

Trusting in God and having faith in your ability and conduct.